Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector | Definitive Audio

Watch the silver screen and the sunset—at the same time

With brilliant brightness and compact size, the new Sony VPL-GTZ380 4K SXRD Laser Projector (nicknamed the “Raptor” or “380” for short) brings a professional-quality picture to your home like you’ve never experienced before. As the only carrier of this flagship product in the Pacific Northwest, we’re proud to help launch this truly extraordinary home theater experience.

“For people who want the absolute best, there's a new sheriff in town.”

Scott Wallace

sales consultant

Brightness that beats
out ambient light

Home theater systems have traditionally required a dark, light-controlled environment for the best viewing experience—until now. The Raptor ushers in a new era of tech that allows for a best-of-both-worlds viewing experience: enjoying the view out your window, and the one on your screen. No blackout theater room required.

  • 10,000 lumens: five times the average output for a picture that shows in natural light
  • OLED-quality picture on a screen that’s bigger than any flat panel on the market
  • Easier on the eyes than a standard screen, thanks to reflected light vs. direct light

Lifelike visual clarity like
you’ve never seen before

Thanks to the Raptor’s high-powered light output, high-quality imaging is finally getting its chance to shine in the world of projectors—and on a bigger image than has ever before been possible.

HDR, in all its glory

The way content is mastered for HDR presumes the display output is capable of achieving a certain level of brightness, then maps out the way the display should present that. If the display isn’t capable of achieving the level of brightness that supports the way the content was mastered, quality suffers as the image appears duller in comparison to an optimized display. In addition to the 10,000 lumen capabilities of the Raptor, its X1 Ultimate chip analyzes the content on a frame-by-frame basis, then takes the HDR metadata and applies it to its own process to create the full spectrum of the image from dark black to bright white—infinite contrast.

Native 4K—finally

The more information present in the picture, the better the picture will be. Native 4K means that 4K source content is displayed with pixel-perfect accuracy rather than scaled to a different resolution to meet a particular screen size. The Raptor matches up the pixels with the projector’s imaging chips for a crisp image.

Laser light source

Included in the Raptor is Sony’s proprietary digital cinema initiative (DCI) color space—technology that uses a laser light source that allows the projector to show off the entire color spectrum without using a filter, which is standard in most projectors. This filter increases the color range but reduces the light output in the process. The Raptor brings both color range and light output—without compromise—for a vibrant, natural-looking image.

Easy installation

With a compact chassis weighing in at just 112 pounds, the Raptor packs best-in-class power for its size. An advanced cooling system efficiently disseminates heat for a cool, quiet operation not found in high-brightness projectors. Thanks to its size—and lack of heat and sound—gone are the days of building out a separate projector room. This projector is designed to work within the constraints of a wide range of theater room applications, no remodel required.

Experience it in person

The only way to experience the brightness and clarity of the Raptor is to see it for yourself, and the only place you can do that in the Pacific Northwest is at our Seattle location. Stop by our showroom or schedule a private appointment to witness the brilliance of the Raptor—and our entire suite of home theater products—firsthand and let our Definitive experts explore ways to create this one-of-a-kind experience in your home.