Weekly Specials

We are offering weekly specials on some of the best products available – guaranteed to amplify your extra time at home. Check out the list below for great deals and call to your local showroom to arrange payment and curbside pick-up.

Be sure to also check out open-box, demo or discontinued products on our clearance list.

Clearance List

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Weekly Specials: May 29th thru June 4th

Model / Color
Product Link
Special Price
Audio ResearchCD6 SilverTube CD PlayerDemo$9,000-$4,001$4,999
Audio ResearchREF3 Phono SilverReference Phono PreampDemo w/Box$14,000-$5,001$8,999
ClearaudioConcept Wood w/Satisfy No CartTurntable Demo w/Box$2,500-$651$1,849
ClearaudioPerformance DC Wood Sil w/TT5Turntable w/TT5/Talisman MC/Quadro ClampDemo w/Box$8,500-$2,201$6,299
Dan d'AgostinoClassic 2Power Amplifier 300w x 2Demo w/Box$14,500-$3,505$10,995
KlipschLa Scala AL5 Natural Cherry PrHorn Speakers PairDemo$11,998-$5,999$5,999
LinnSekrit DSDS Player w/AmplificationDemo$1,560-$461$1,099
LinnKrystalMC Phono CartridgeNew$1,900-$401$1,499
LinnMajik LP12 WalnutEntry Level LP12New$4,320-$821$3,499
LinnUphorik SilverMM/MC Phono PreampDemo$2,990-$691$2,299
LinnAkurate DSM/3 SilverStreaming PreampDemo$10,250-$2,050$8,200
LinnKlimax DSM/2 SilverReference Streaming PreampDemo$23,500-$6,501$16,999
LinnSelekt DSM Streaming PreampDemo$5,200-$1,040$4,160
LinnSelekt DSM KatalystStreaming PreampDemo$7,000-$1,600$5,400
LinnSelekt DSM IntegratedStreaming AmplifierDemo$6,825-$225$6,600
LinnAkurate 4200 Silver4 Channel Power AmpDemo$5,200-$1,205$3,995
LinnAkubarik Exakt System Sil/WalComplete Exakt HiFi System KatalystDemo$42,500-$14,001$28,499
Linn530 System Silver/Blue/TBComplete Exakt HiFi System Demo$20,420-$7,971$12,449
LinnMajik 140 Cherry w/Stands PrFloor Standing Speakers Cherry PrDemo$3,570-$1,121$2,449
LinnMajik 140 Walnut w/Stands PrFloor Standing Speakers Walnut PrDemo$3,570-$771$2,799
NADM12Digital Preamp/DACDemo$3,499-$1,000$2,499
NADM22Digital Power AmplifierDemo$2,999-$1,100$1,899
NaimNait 5SIIntegrated AmpDemo w/Box$1,995-$996$999
NaimNAC282Preamp w/o power supplyDemo w/Box$8,995-$3,996$4,999
NaimNaimuniti 2 BIntegrated Amp/StreamerDemo w/Box$5,595-$2,596$2,999
NaimNait XS 2Integrated AmpDemo w/Box$3,495-$1,696$1,799
NaimUniti StarIntegrated Amp Streamer/CDDemo/New$5,995-$2,196$3,799
NaimUniti NovaIntegrated Amp StreamerDemo$7,495-$2,496$4,999
NaimUniti CoreUPnP Server HarddiskDemo$2,795-$800$1,995
RegaDAC-R BlackDAC 24/192Open Box$1,195-$596$599
RegaRX1 Walnut w/StandsBookshelf Speakers w/StandsOpen Box$1,700-$1,001$699
RotelA12 SilverStereo Integrated AmpDemo/New$999-$250$749
RotelA14 BlackStereo Integrated AmpNew in Box$1,299-$324$975
RotelA14 SilverStereo Integrated AmpDemo/New$1,299-$324$975
RotelCD14 BlackCD PlayerDemo/New$799-$200$599
RotelCD14 SilverCD PlayerDemo/New$799-$200$599
RotelRA1572 BlackStereo Integrated AmpDemo$1,699-$500$1,199
RotelRA1572 SilverStereo Integrated AmpNew$1,699-$400$1,299
RotelRA1592 BlackStereo Integrated AmpDemo$2,999-$800$2,199
RotelRB1552MKII BlackStereo Amplifier 120 x 2New$1,299-$250$1,049
RotelRB1590 BlackStereo Amplifier 380 x 2Demo$2,999-$800$2,199
RotelRC1590 BlackStereo PreampliferDemo$1,999-$500$1,499
RotelRC1590 SilverStereo PreampliferDemo$1,999-$500$1,499
RotelRCD 1572 BlackStereo PreampliferDemo$899-$350$549
Sonus FaberOlympica I Walnut PrBookshelf SpeakerNew in Box$6,500-$3,001$3,499
WilsonSabrina Titan Red PrFloorstanding SpeakerFCPO$17,500-$4,501$12,999
WilsonAlexia 2 Azuro California PrFloorstanding SpeakerFCPO$59,900-$19,901$39,999
WilsonAlexia 3 Carmon Red PrFloorstanding SpeakerFCPO$59,900-$19,901$39,999
Wilson Maxx2 Obsidian Black PrFloorstanding Speaker *Available 6/7/20FCPO$899$14,101$15,000

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