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Sennheiser HE 1:
The new listening legend

We carry some of the most extraordinary products you can find, and if you’ve had the opportunity to stop by our showroom, you may have seen Sennheiser’s latest stunning headphone release: the HE 1. Nearly 30 years ago, Sennheiser created the Orpheus: “the best headphones in the world.” This is 2020’s answer to the Orpheus—reimagined and ready for an all-consuming listening experience. The closest you can get to experiencing it yourself is to stop by our Bellevue location for a listen—but Joshua Valour’s in-depth review straight from the showroom is an excellent second.

Form and function

Rarely do headphones double as decor—this made-to-order system looks as beautiful as it sounds. The HE 1 sits on a striking solid block of Carrara marble and glass and features chrome-plated brass dials—both of which can be color-customized to your exact liking to suit the style of your home’s interiors.

Top-tier sound

The tap of the finger lets the HE 1 know it’s time to come to life. A brief pause lets the tubes of its amplifier reach the right temperature as the headphones rise from the case to bring you a big sound—with a broad frequency range and the lowest distortion ever measured in a system of its kind—that transports you.

All in the details

Every moment of the HE 1 is measured, from the high-voltage amplifier integrated into the ear cups to the soft, buttery leather on the ear pads. High notes include:

  • The first electrostatic headphone with a Cool Class A MOS-FET high-voltage amplifier built into the ear cups
  • Capacitive reactance of the headphone cable is eliminated for a high-impulse fidelity that is 200 percent more efficient than any other solution available
  • 2.4 micrometer platinum-vaporized diaphragms for optimal sound reproduction
  • Gold-vaporized ceramic transducers for outstanding electrical and acoustical performance and 99.9 percent silver-plated OFC cables for premier conductivity
  • Ear cups precision-machined from solid aluminum with ear pads handmade from fine leather and allergen-free velour/microfiber for ultimate comfort
  • Tube and transistor amplifiers in one thanks to a patent-pending circuit design
  • Receives digital signals via optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs or USB input, accepts high-resolution PCM and DSD data

Hear for yourself

Experience the transformative sound of the Sennheiser HE 1 for yourself at our Bellevue showroom. Stop by or schedule a private appointment for a product tour by one of our Definitive experts.