Project Description

This  performance home theater in Shoreline, WA is designed to have a minimal visual impact. Three 6’ tall front speakers are hidden behind acoustical fabric and transparent screen. A custom port routes the output of the subwoofer, which is in the attic and the size of a refrigerator, into the theater room.

“The goal of this project was to turn a modest sized room into an audiophile grade system/environment, an immersive video experience, AND a space where the whole family is actually comfortable spending time lounging. There were a lot of details and moving pieces, but it all came together perfectly.”

John P. , | Seattle, WA

Technology Products

  • Screen: Screen Research
  • Screen Custom Bezel: Snap-Tex
  • Custom-made masking panels for 16:9 presentation: Snap-Tex
  • Projector: JVC D-ILA technology
  • Speakers: Wisdom Audio
  • Equipment: Classe electronics

Builder: Shultz-Miller