Project Description

With a wide variety of music tastes, this audiophile has an impressive collection of vinyl. Learn more about Mohammed’s story in this video: Journey of an Audiophile. You’ll notice the feet on the speaker, which help isolate from external vibrations and dissipate internal vibrations – helping you hear more of the music from the recording.


  • Speakers: Wilson Audio Alexia
  • Amplifier: Dan D’Agostino Momentum Stereo
  • PreAmp: Audio Research Reference Phono 3
  • Speaker feet: Stillpoints Ultra 5 with Ultra Base
  • Isolation Bases: HRS M3X
  • DAC: dCS Debussy
  • Turntable: AMG Viella 12
  • Tonearm: AMG 12JT Turbo
  • Cartridge: Lyra Atlas
  • Dual armboard: AMG 9W2 9” tonearm
  • Cables: Transparent