Project Description

The Wilson Alexia sets the standard for musicality and ultra-high performance in a compact full range loudspeaker. These Alexia’s are upgraded with an automotive quality paint in Karrusel Orange, and two custom plaques affixed to the back of the speaker with the names of the homeowner’s children.


  • Speakers: Wilson Audio Alexia
  • Amplifier: Dan D’Agostino Momentum Stereo
  • PreAmp: Audio Research Reference Phono 3
  • Speaker feet: Stillpoints Ultra 5 with Ultra Base
  • Isolation Bases: HRS M3X
  • DAC: dCS Debussy
  • Turntable: AMG Viella 12
  • Tonearm: AMG 12JT Turbo
  • Cartridge: Lyra Atlas
  • Dual armboard: AMG 9W2 9” tonearm
  • Cables: Transparent