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There’s an App for That

Smart thermostats, lighting, streaming music, A/V components, door locks — in today's app-based world you can control your entire house from your smartphone or tablet. What's better, a single home control app or several individual apps?

September 22nd, 2017|

How to Make Your Home Network More Reliable

You're currently on a conference call you've prepared for all week. The kids are upstairs playing League of Legends when the network crashes. You're abruptly cut from your conference call and your kids are cut off from their game. They'll need to find something else to do, you explain to them, because the network [...]

July 21st, 2017|

Today’s Housing Market: Home Technology Trends

A recent study conducted by CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) confirmed that home technology is making a positive contribution to the housing market's recovery. This is due to the home buyer's desire for more technical integration and a heightened awareness of energy efficiency factoring into their [...]

September 7th, 2012|