The Phantom Reactor from Devialet is a wireless speaker that is so small that you can hold it in one hand.

That’s right, measuring at 6.6 inches tall, you think, ‘Huh, cute.’ But, then you play your favorite song on it, and you can’t help but be impressed with the big, powerful sound that comes out of this tiny speaker. For its size, it stretches performance far beyond what most would expect.

The Phantom Reactor has 981 parts and technology from 160 patents. Devialet has somehow found the balance of blending in and standing out, all at the same time.  Wait until you experience this ridiculously low bass coming from the circular woofers – which are admittedly fun to watch pulsate with the music! The bass goes all the way down to 18 Hz, which resonates beyond the limits of the human ear – producing music you’ll feel the all the way into your bones.

A Quick 10-Minute Setup

Let’s talk about the setup for a second. First, find a spot on a bookcase, end-table or counter. The ideal placement is about 18-36 inches off the floor – being so small, you should be able to find a spot easily. Point the tweeter towards your listening space. But remember, the Phantom’s woofer has been known to attack, so it doesn’t hurt to keep a little extra room around it.

Connect your Phantom to your Wi-Fi network. You’re now ready to enjoy your music in pretty much whatever way you’re used to. Feel like streaming? Use Spotify Connect or AirPlay® to stream your digital library. Or, go old-school with optical or analog connections.

Phantom Reactor App for Iphone

Who Will Love The Phantom Reactor?

Anyone looking for a simple solution for great-sounding music will love this small speaker.

“If you Give these to anyone who loves music, they’ll thank you for the rest of their lives.”
Vogue Magazine, 2018.

Considering the size – the Reactor gives you performance sound, great Apple-like aesthetics, all put together in a tiny and affordable ($1090 – $1350) speaker that fits anywhere in your home.

Come by our Bellevue or Seattle Showroom to experience this cool little speaker for yourself. We are convinced you’ll be impressed!

Oh, and if you end up loving this little speaker, you’ll be able to bring a second Phantom Reactor into play by performing a simple in-app upgrade in the first half of 2019. Two speakers will give you double the power and an even wider soundstage. Multiple Reactors will be able to create a multi-room experience – as well function as a home entertainment system.

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