Music makes everything better. Without John Williams’ sinister two-note tuba, Jaws would be a film about a big plastic fish called Bruce. Image holidays without carols, summer without The Beach Boys, weddings without the first dance. Or try to imagine Star Wars without the Imperial March, Apocalypse Now without the Ride of the Valkyries or Inception without Hanz Zimmer’s frightening parps.

Whether it’s The Beatles or Bach, Radiohead or Run The Jewels, music affects us in a very profound way. It isn’t just something we hear. It’s something we feel deep inside us as the sound waves move through us: the kick drum in our chest, the bass in our bodies, the shivers down our spines.

In the womb, music can make our heart rate relax – or startle us if mom finds the music stressful. Music can boost our immune function, lower our cortisol levels and suppress pain. It can help motivate us to do better or soothe use to feel better. It’s the soundtrack to our greatest achievements and our happiest moments.

It’s powerful magic.

Get closer.

We all know the power of live music. Unfortunately, most of us are also familiar with the things that get in the way: an inadequate PA, or dreadful acoustics, or being stuck next to the kind of people who talk all the way through your favorite bands and who should be fired into the sun. Anything that distances you from the music lessens the experience and weakens the magic.

The same applies to audio systems. The experience is only as good as the weakest link: if any musical information is lost between the original performance and your ears, it’s gone forever. That’s why people invest in quality audio components to get the very best from the music they love.

I’ll admit to being obsessed by this. At Linn, we’ve made it our mission to deliver the best audio you’ve ever heard, and we do that by relentlessly focusing on the obstacles between the performance and your ears. It starts with the source.

For example, we precision-engineer each Klimax DS Network Music Player from a single billet of aluminum so that we can isolate the power, analogue, and digital electronics to reduce distortion; the Katalyst DAC within is a bespoke Linn design that creates the most precise music signal possible. We’ve just spent $1.4 million on state of the art machinery that enables us to engineer our systems and their components with even more microscopic levels of precision.

It’s worth it. Whether it’s the legendary Sondek LP12 turntable or the iconic Klimax DS, our products make any audio system sound better.

And that’s why we’re proud to partner with Definitive Audio.

We know about engineering world-class products, but Definitive knows about you. Their experience and knowledge enables them to help you choose the products that fit best with your life. Their expert installers configure our products to work in a perfect harmony with your home. And of course, they’re always here to keep you in the loop whenever new technologies enable us to make the world’s best audio systems even better.

Gilad Tiefenburn
Managing Director
Linn Products, Ltd.