It’s nice to be proved right. When we stopped making CD players over a decade ago, the audio industry thought we’d lost our minds. To them we were like Decca, turning down The Beatles because “guitar music is on the way out”. But CD really was on the way out. We knew there was a better way to deliver music digitally, and we bet our business on it.

We weren’t crazy, although our rivals thought we were. We were first to market with a high-end streaming product because we knew that digital streaming could deliver everything we loved about music without any of the downsides of CD. While other firms kept on reciting CD’s false promise of “perfect sound forever”, we got on with the job of actually delivering the most authentic musical performance possible. And that was just the start.

Back to Basics

At Linn, we believe the source is all important. It’s where the magic lives, and any musical information that gets lost between the source and your ears is gone forever. From our iconic Sondek LP12 turntableto our new Selekt DSM digital streamer, we’ve focused on preserving as much of the original musical information as possible. And with digital technology, we can do that at a level that simply wasn’t achievable before.

But all that effort is wasted if the precious musical information isn’t preserved through every step of its journey to your ears. That’s why we’ve precision engineered everything from the casework to the electronics and software to ensure faithful reproduction of the original musical performance.

At Home In Your Home

With digital streaming, there are no moving parts in the player to introduce imperfections, so even music taken from CD sounds better. Streaming makes browsing fun again, with artwork rendered in all its glory and instant access to anything in your collection. You can hear 24-bit, 192KHz studio master recordings as they sounded in the studio and it’s easy to hook into services such as Tidal, Qobuz or Spotify to discover new music. And with digital streaming you can make your hi-fi system the hub for your entire home’s entertainment, allowing you to connect all your sources, from your turntable to your TV to get better sound, instantly.

You don’t even need to worry about your room, as our Space Optimisationtechnology takes care of it by uniquely tailoring the performance to your individual room and speaker, guaranteeing you enjoy the best possible sound from your system.

Getting in Touch With Digital Music

Selekt DSM: Hi-fi with the human touch.

Remember when music was something you could touch? Digital music has revolutionized the way we listen, but something has been lost along the way. Hi-fi was a beautiful, thrilling, immersive experience, and it was physical: rifling through your records, choosing the perfect one to play, gently lifting the lever. Now everything has been reduced to a swipe and a tap on a bland black rectangle.

Selekt DSM changes that and brings the good times back. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience. It’ll make you fall in love with music all over again.

Feel the Music You Want to Play.

The jewel-like dial glows with anticipation as you approach, turning with watch-like precision in response to your touch as you move through every musical possibility.

The customizable smart buttons feel like piano keys beneath your fingers. They respond instantly with the music you want to hear, detailed information appearing through the onyx-black display.

Selekt DSM fits with any system. It’s available as a dedicated streaming source to drive any separates system, or you can include an integrated amplifier to streamline your system: just add speakers. Either way, you can opt to push the performance even further with Katalyst, our cutting-edge DAC architecture.

Perfect Sound Forever

About that “perfect sound forever” slogan. There’s an irony here because moving away from CD enabled us to deliver exactly what CD promised but couldn’t give you: the most incredible musical experience possible.

And unlike CD, we’re in it for the long haul. If we can find a way to make our existing hardware deliver an even better musical performance, we’ll deliver it to you for free: software product updates, like Space Optimisation,are released to all Linn DSM owners free of charge, no matter when you purchased your system.

Every single Linn product is made by hand by just one person just outside Glasgow, in Scotland. No mass manufacturing, no outsourcing, no corner cutting. Just a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship. We’re very proud of what we do.

Music makes life better, and Linn makes music better. I can’t wait for you to hear it. Drop by Definitive in Seattle or Bellevue to experience it for yourself.

Guest blog written by:

Gilad Tiefenburn
Managing Director
Linn Products, Ltd.