Yesterday, wrote a good article talking about the challenges of companies with audiophile roots to bring in and inspire people who love music, technology and the arts:

“The challenge for audiophile companies ranging from mom and pop businesses to publically traded or private equity-owned companies is to find a way to inspire people who love music, technology, design and the arts to invest in better sound. Does a standard iPod sound like crap? Yes (especially analog out or with low resolution files or using standard ear buds) – but can it sound much better? Absolutely without question, better sound can be had.”

Jerry Del Colliano wraps up his article nicely, “Many want more and these hybrid showrooms are setting a trend that merges the old traditions of audio with a little modern design, home integration and beyond.”

Read the full article from to for more about how Definitive Audio in Seattle and Bellevue work on a hybrid business Model.