B&W diamond series

B&W was one of our original brands carried 35 years ago. B&W’s commitment to sound and beauty are the reasons it’s a favorite for many of Definitive‘s clients. This morning, it was a pleasant surprise to receive an email from B&W’s Executive Vice President, Chris Browder who enthusiastically congratulates us on our 35th Anniversary! Thanks Chris and Bowers & Wilkins!

The Best?  It’s Definitive!!

On the occasion of Definitive Audio 35th anniversary, we at B&W wish to express not only our heartiest congratulations, but also the recognition that Definitive deserves so convincingly as the “Best in World” at what they do.

At the highest levels of this game, it’s all about great people, and this is why Definitive stands alone.  It starts at the top with owner, Mark Ormiston, right on through to their managers, system designers, buyers, programmers, and installers.  This organization is absolutely unrivalled anywhere for their expertise, accountability, professionalism, and integrity.

What’s more, we know that our opinion that Definitive is “The Best” is, in fact, shared by other manufacturers, fellow dealers around the country, and also the press. The accolades are richly deserved, because Definitive has truly excelled at the most important test of all, the test of time.

At 35, Definitive stands proudly at the top, where they belong!

Chris Browder
Executive Vice President
B&W Group