We first met Sabrina in 2015. She was small in stature, but had a greatness about her that loomed large. Her design heritage came from two distinct sources: the original WATT/Puppy, and the Alexandria XLF. A speaker and subwoofer combo, the WATT/Puppy was designed by Dave Wilson in the 80s. It was the result of his belief that a compact loudspeaker could actually outperform speakers that were large in size. Interestingly, the first Sabrina is nearly the same size as its WATT predecessor. Sabrina’s other inspiration — the Alexandria XLF — built a bridge between live, unamplified music and its reproduction. The XLF’s design is much more complex than Sabrina’s, however. Sabrina is pure simplicity in a compact, accessible form. That was the objective: Take the knowledge and experience that came from building the pioneering WATT/Puppy and XLF and keep what is core for Sabrina.

That was 2015 Sabrina — pure simplicity. Like many of us, however, Sabrina has reinvented herself in 2020.  

Sabrina Reimagined 

On Sept. 1, Wilson Audio released the SabrinaX. The design goal was to keep what worked well from the first model — affability, flexibility and technical competence — while leveling up other aspects. The new model offers enhanced resolution, bass-transient speed, clarity, and overall resolution and transparency. In other words, we think the original Sabrina’s fierce following will be very pleased with the upgrade.

Some of the changes that will have you proclaiming your love for SabrinaX include:

  • A quiet cabinet – The original Sabrina’s baffle and lower spike plate were made from X-Material. In the SabrinaX, the entire exterior enclosure is constructed from X-Material. The result? One step closer toward the ideal: A near-silent cabinet. Other major improvements are the bass transient performance and clarity. You’ll actually “hear” the silence between notes, which enhances rhythmic timing and pace. 
  • A tweeter with technical and musical appeal – The Convergent Synergy MK5 is the tweeter selected for SabrinaX. Originally developed by Daryl Wilson and team for the limited-edition WAMM Master Chronosonic, the MK5 has appeal from both a technical and musical standpoint. 
  • A new 8-inch woofer – The SabrinaX features the new 8-inch woofer designed and developed for the Sasha DAW’s base module. The Sasha DAW (“David Andrew Wilson”) is a loudspeaker that was developed by Daryl, along with his expert team, to pay homage to his legendary father.    
  • Next-level hardware – A new, low-turbulence port, binding post and midrange bass vent brings next-level hardware to SabrinaX. 
  • Greater detail and resolution – A new capacitor technology (Audio CapX)  significantly lowers the noise floor for SabrinaX. Listeners benefit from even greater detail and resolution.

Once again, Sabrina proves that you should judge a speaker by its design — not its size. 

SabrinaX at Definitive

For decades, Definitive has carried Wilson Audio speakers. We’ve witnessed how Dave and now his son, Daryl, have worked alongside the Wilson team of experts to set and raise the bar. We share in their passion for finding new ways to enhance people’s listening experience. 

Founded just one year apart, Definitive grew as a company alongside Wilson. That longevity has resulted in a deep understanding of their products and how to get the most out of them in your living space.

Our experts have traveled to Wilson Audio as a part of a rigorous training curriculum, which focuses on the art and science of loudspeaker setup and proper service. Above all else, we love what we do. Our experience and underlying passion are likely the reasons why we’ve sold more Wilson loudspeakers than any other dealer in North America.

Starting this month (September), we’re proud to carry the latest Wilson — the SabrinaX — in our showrooms. Ask your salesperson for trade in information.

This speaker focuses on what’s core to a great listening experience — so that you can, too.