Why has Tom stuck around this industry for 3 decades? It is the people. Tom thought that might sound corny, but in listening to him speak, you begin to understand how genuine that statement is. Tom enjoys his clients who he describes as, “a diverse and often interesting group who are a pleasure to work for” and he also values “the cast of characters he has had the pleasure of working alongside.”

Tom started in our Roosevelt District showroom in 1987. In 2001, we moved into our current showroom 1-block up the road. Tom moved with us and continues to serve his customers, and is also responsible for our online consignment sales where he helps customers move their old gear.

Tom reflects back on many memorable moments. One that sticks out for him was buying an old, beat up, clapped out Linn LP12 and having his mentor help him rebuild and overhaul it. When he took it home, he couldn’t believe how much better it sounded than anything analog or digital he had ever heard – it was a major revelation! Over the years, Tom has owned and experienced many digital disc players and streamers but continues to enjoy listening to vinyl over digital if he can ‘muster enough energy’ to get out of his chair to keep changing the record. Tom says, “Musically, vinyl sounds more ‘correct’ to my ears. Plus, it helps that I own over two thousand records to play. Sometimes, however, digital music is just more convenient, so I enjoy that too.  Streaming music makes it very easy to find and explore new artists or different music.”

German Countryside

A scenic vista from Tom’s trip to see King Ludwig’s castle in the Bavarian countryside.

Also memorable (although more than just a ‘moment’) was his trip earlier this year to the High-End Audio Show in Munich Germany. Not only was the show amazing, but Tom was able to spend days exploring the beautiful city and countryside.

You might be wondering, what system does Tom have at home after 30 years of working at a high-end audio store? Well, he has upgraded to a more recent version of the Linn LP12. He also has a Linn DS streamer, an Audio Research amp, line stage and phono preamp, Transparent Audio cables, and speakers by Wilson Audio. Tom clearly has a love for music, “even after a day of demoing music at work – I will often sit down after dinner and listen to music for a couple of hours or more.”

We’re thankful to have Tom on our team. Happy 30th Anniversary from all of us at Definitive!