Beautiful design and functionality are not mutually exclusive — even in your media room. New advances in technology combined with innovative product design provide the ability for technology to blend in with the room’s decor. Here are three media room design ideas that put the focus back on the room — not on wires, remotes, and clunky black boxes.


If you want to enjoy home entertainment that does not take over your whole family room, CinemaFrame® is worth a look and listen. This high-end system is designed to blend into the aesthetic of your home. The only thing you’ll see is a slim frame of acoustical fabric wrapping around your 46 to 75-inch television. All of your home entertainment gear and clutter are completely concealed behind the television in the wall cavity.

This one-of-a-kind system is available in many configurations and can provide:

  • Up to seven high-performance loudspeakers and two subwoofers
  • Audio/video switching and processing
  • An in-the-wall box that holds a variety of sources (Blu-ray Player, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Xbox and more)
  • Complete electrical power protection
  • A single remote for control of the entire system

CinemaFrame® is one of those products you really have to experience for the full appreciation of the beauty and function it delivers. Tucking away all the home entertainment gear is a huge benefit, but we also love the ability to connect all of the components as a system to provide easy control from a dedicated remote, iPad or smartphone.


Sony Ultra-Short Throw Home Theater Projector

One of our favorite new products is the Sony Ultra-Short Thow Home Theatre Projector. It’s designed to be flexible and — when placed only 8.3 inches from a wall — it can project a 120-inch screen. This provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in terms of placement and opens the possibilities for rooms not typically suited for projection.

Salamander Designs purposefully engineered a credenza built to hold the Sony Ultra-Short Throw Projector. Together, they make up the perfect home theater solution and a beautiful media room design. This is a simple installation with no need to open the wall or run cables — all supporting components that rest in the credenza.


Linn Majik System

When you put the Linn Majik system at the heart of your home, everything looks and sounds better! This system is perfect for the music lover, who also wants a premium all-in-one system that includes a stereo amplifier, music streamer, phono stage, and digital-to-analogue conversion.

Three unique things we like about the Linn Majik system:

  • There is a phono stage, for those who have rediscovered the joys of vinyl playback.
  • The hi-res audio streamer easily connects to your digital collection, internet radio, and streaming services.
  • It’s easy to integrate your cable box, video streamer, Blu-ray player and video games with the four HDMI inputs, providing 4K capability and ARC.
  • You can control the whole experience from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Whether you want to sit and enjoy music or play your favorite TV show, you will experience incredible fidelity with this system in your media room.

If you’re a music lover, movie lover, interior designer or just someone who appreciates a beautiful space, we’re happy to help you find the system that best suits your needs. Stop by our Bellevue or Seattle showrooms, where we are happy to answer questions, provide demonstrations or get personalized media room design ideas.