‘Old-school’ audio has been making a comeback. It’s in the oddest places – from Barnes and Noble to Urban Outfitters to Crate and Barrel – They are all carrying a small selection of vinyl. Recently, a friend of mine actually purchased a cheep $72 portable turntable from Amazon for decor in their apartment.

However, if you’re looking for more than a trendy turntable to look pretty and collect dust, there are plenty of affordable entry-level options that actually sound great! Here are a few I checked out:

The Planar 1 ($450)

The Planar 1 is the “most user friendly Rega turntable”, with its easy set up. If you want to get into vinyl with a system that will make your music come alive, look no further.

  • “Plug and Play design” with a quick set up
  • Standard Rega Carbon cartridge
  • 24v synchronous motor
  • 11g balance weight
  • RB110 tonearm with low friction performance

The Planar 2 ($675)

The Planar 2 is a step up from The Planar 1, featuring a new tonearm and filled with new features. This turntable is designed to be ultra-sensitive to every detail of your vinyl.

  • RB220 tonearm with ultralow friction
  • 11mm hub bearing
  • 24v low noise motor
  • Optional lid and plinth protectors
  • Fe-designed feet

The Planar 3 Elys System, Customized by Definitive ($1,750)

The Planar 3 is an award winning turntable, featuring improved ergonomics, usability, and sonic performance. Definitive audio has created their own recommended package for The Planar 3 to ensure that you get the most out of this spectacular turntable, including a Dynavector 10X5 moving coil cartridge, a 2mm spacer for the arm, and a tungsten counterweight.


Definitive also sells The Planar 3 alone, but recommends their package for the ultimate listening experience.

  • RB330 tonearm
  • 3mm phenolic bottom brace
  • re-designed sub platter
  • 24V motor control PCB
  • Motor cover tray with integrated cooling

Whether you are looking to get back into vinyl or just getting started with your collection, Rega Planar Systems are a great investment in a listening experience that will last you a lifetime. You owe it to yourself to go audition these systems!

Up next, I’m going to explore headphones, which are a staple for a college student like me! Until then, stay tuned…

Allison Raymond

Allison is currently a junior at Syracuse University, studying advertising and psychology. Originally from Woodinville, Washington, Allison hopes to move back to Seattle after graduation. In her free time, Allison enjoys baking, hand lettering, singing, playing guitar, and listening to music.