Find out how fast the internet reaches your devices — and what you can do to enhance it.

Working from home is the new constant. In fact, 42 percent of the U.S. labor force is now working from home full time, according to the latest research from Stanford. If you’re working on a phone, tablet or laptop, you’re probably moving those devices throughout your house during the day. Maybe you’re a parent multi-tasking — working while trying to ensure your kids are keeping up with their school work. Or you’re relocating to a different room because your next door neighbor is mowing the lawn and you’re on a conference call. Moving around your house challenges your connectivity, potentially slowing down the speed at which the internet reaches your device (which is different than the speed at which the internet reaches your home).     

Interestingly, internet speed tests can actually show you how fast the internet is reaching your devices. You’ll likely be surprised that the actual speed is not as high as the service speed you’re paying for each month.


Your service speed is different than your speed to device. The first is the speed you’re paying to receive from your internet provider, such as Xfinity. It’s the speed coming from their servers to your Gateway or router, which all the devices in your home collectively use. For example, maybe you pay for gigabit internet speed (equivalent to 1,000 megabits).

The speed to your device (phone, tablet or laptop, for example) is not the same. It’s always lower than your actual service speed because of your device’s limitations, the device’s Wi-Fi potential, the number of devices simultaneously taking up  bandwidth, and outdated hardware or software, according to Xfinity. Depending on which room you’re working in, your connection might be slower due to interference. Maybe your Wi-Fi signal is weak because your  wireless access point is housed in a closet or electronic equipment is blocking it.

Those are some of the reasons you might be paying for gigabit internet speed, but actually utilizing a much lower speed on your device.

Try this at home

Want to see the difference for yourself? If you have Xfinity, try this quick experiment.

Grab your phone, tablet or laptop and run Xfinity’s internet speed test (which measures the speed available to a given device at a given time) in three different rooms. You might try your office, living room and the outside deck. You’ll see how different the numbers are in each environment and start to see the challenges for yourself.

Now compare the speed to your devices to the speed you’re paying for each month.

Don’t love the idea of paying for more than you’re actually receiving?

We get it.

Schedule a network assessment

Speed matters, especially when your life is in constant motion juggling work and home life. You need your internet to keep the pace, not move like sand slipping through an hour glass.

Technology is constantly evolving. To keep with the times, networks should be upgraded every three to seven years as a best practice. That’s especially true if you’re using your cable provider’s technology. If you’re not getting the results you need from the equipment you have, why wait to fix it?

Definitive has curated the best possible network solution to help resolve common and uncommon pain points with connectivity. We’re able to assess the problem and offer the best technical networking products available on the market. Our solutions are designed around enterprise grade networking equipment that employs the highest security standards and is built to last more than 10 times longer than most consumer grade equipment (100,000 hours MTBF). These systems allow for remote monitoring as well as auto healing which means that many network issues can be resolved before you even know they exist. Our wireless access points can support hundreds of simultaneous Wi-Fi devices and utilizes BeamFlex+ technology to cut though interference and focus energy at each device it’s communicating with. What does this mean, higher speeds, greater  reliability, and exceptional longevity.

During a one to two hour visit we can conduct a home network assessment and determine whether yours is working as well as it could or provide options to enhance it.

Depending on the size of your home and needs, you might be able to substantially improve your home network by either making a few minor tweaks or having us build a comprehensive custom solution.

Definitive has been improving home networks for the past 15 years and developing integration solutions for more than 30 years. During that time span, we have enhanced network connectivity at countless commercial properties and even more homes like yours.

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