The Bellevue showroom has been apart of the community for 25 years and we are excited to show you what’s new!  Below are highlights of our recent renovation and exciting new products to amplify your life. Drop by our Bellevue showroom to experience it for yourself.

Media Room

This room demonstrates a comfortable, immersive tv watching experience and is the only place in the Pacific NW for customers to view Sony’s 98” 8K premium television. Complete with the Dolby Atmos surround sound system, McIntosh electronics, and Sonus Faber speakers.

Definitive Media Room web

Performance Audio

Our roots began 44-years ago in performance audio, and continue to provide the joy of listening for our customers today. This room is set-up and calibrated by our team and complete with CinemaTech acoustical treatment, McIntosh electronics, Sonus Faber speakers.

Reference Theater

Movie fans love this theater, which includes Sony’s 4k video project or Wisdom Audio’s in-wall speaker system, Trinnov surround equipment, and Kaleidescape movie management. The experience is enhanced with lighting from Ketra.

Definitive Home Theater

Reference Audio

Our team are experts in the art of making recorded music sound live. This reference audio system includes equipment from Wilson Audio, D’Agostino, dCS Vivaldi, and Transparent Cable. Ketra lighting amplifies the whole listening experience.

Definitive Reference Audio

Design Studio

Our new Design Studio showcases the full breadth of our custom solutions for automation, lighting, shades, networking, audio, and video. Experience the 162” Planar Video Wall, Wisdom Audio speakers, Snaptex acoustical fabric walls, Ketra lighting, and Lutron Palladiom shades.