We have been huge fans of Wilson Audio since we started carrying the product in 2004. For 43 years, Wilson Audio has been known for its commitment to craftsmanship and manufacturing excellence — delivering only the finest product to customers. Founder Dave Wilson has always surrounded himself with a passionate and talented team who embody the Authentic Excellence™ that is core to Wilson Audio’s values.

Alexia Series 2 line drawingThe original Alexia, designed by Dave Wilson himself, was a relatively compact loudspeaker that possessed the musical accuracy and resolution of its much larger siblings. As you can imagine, it’s pretty daunting to update a classic speaker — and there is no point in changing just for the sake of changing. When updating the Alexia Series 2, Daryl (Dave’s son and once protégé) focused on honoring past accomplishments, while also incorporating the latest in today’s technology. The result? Speakers that can be fine-tuned for the space in which they’re located.

“Recent research has confirmed that the ear/brain mechanism is much more sensitive to timing coincidence errors than previously believed,” stated a 2017 Wilson Audio press release on the Alexia Series 2. “Indeed, timing accuracy is as important as frequency response accuracy and more important than phase coherence. Ordinary people can hear timing coincidence errors of as little as 15-millionths of a second in the five to ten kHz octave. The Alexia is adjustable to below this threshold.”

Of course, our team was very enthusiastic and honored to receive one of the first Alexia Series 2 speakers in a stunning color called Azzurro California. They arrived in our Seattle Showroom on June 20. We had a ton of fun uncrating them!

As you can see, each speaker comes in a custom wood crate set on castors. The castors make the speakers easy to remove from the crate and move to their intended location. Once in place, all that’s left to remove is the frisk — the material that covers the speaker to protect the finish. Each speaker also comes with a tool kit to assemble the speaker. The speaker comes equipped with everything you need, including the spikes and diodes to support the speakers, as well as the wrenches to tighten the binding post and adjust all the parameters for the time optimization of the speaker. Admittedly, the Alexia Series 2 speakers are as much fun to set up as they are to use.


Alexia Series 2 at Definitive in Seattle

Bill Peugh, Director of Development at Wilson, joined us in June at our Sips & Sounds event in Seattle, where we debuted the Wilson Audio Alexia 2 Series Speakers. The full system demonstrated that evening included:

Even in our break-in period, we noticed the Alexia Series 2 raised the bar significantly. The experience of taking the speakers out of their crates and assembling them, an hour after we had listened to the original Alexia, was really cool. Even before spending the time to set them up, you can hear an openness that is really captivating. The sound has an intense presence that commands your attention, even before you’ve optimized them for the room.

After spending an afternoon finding the ideal position for the speakers, we noticed that the Alexia Series 2 presented an even greater sound. It made it hard to focus on anything else, as we were so enthralled by the sound quality.


After the event, we changed the system a little, because a few items in the presentation system were debut products on loan from the manufacturers. Throughout the past several weeks, our team has spent hours listening to familiar music with greater detail than ever before. These are the epic moments that reviewers always rave about, when your arm hairs stand on end and you get lost in the music and the moment.

The Series 2 is surely destined to continue the original’s legacy and then some. If you haven’t had a chance to experience it for yourself, come check it out in our Bellevue Showroom. You’ll see music in a whole new light — and hear it that way, too.