At Definitive, we are focused on providing a personalized experience and addressing the specific needs of our clients when designing an audio/video or integration system. I wanted to highlight this particular project I had the pleasure of working on, as I find it a great example of how Definitive can integrate existing audio/video components with new technology, enhancing the performance and functionality of something one may already own.

The client’s existing pair of Linn Espek speakers and matching Melodik subwoofer were integrated with a new Linn Akurate DS network music streamer, an Akurate Kontrol preamplifier/processor, and two new Akurate series amplifiers with Linn Aktiv cards. This update brought the existing speaker system to a much higher performance level for music playback from digital music files streamed on the home network.

In addition, the client’s video sources and Samsung flat panel were integrated with the Linn equipment utilizing a Crestron Prodigy controller and custom programming for two Apple iPads, which served as an elegant solution for easy operation of the audio/video components. A second Samsung flat panel with it’s associated video sources in the client’s Master Bedroom was also integrated using the same custom programmed iPad interface.

I very much enjoyed working on this project, and one of the best rewards for me personally was seeing how much enjoyment a system like this can bring. It’s also great to be able to utilize high performance products clients have already made an investment in, and provide a solution that maximizes their potential while taking into consideration budget and the living space.