No matter how long it’s been around in one form or another, multi-room audio/video has always had a “cool” factor in people’s homes. Multi-room A/V means many different things to different people. It could be as simple as an extra pair of speakers on the patio connected to your A/V receiver in the home or a whole-home distributed A/V system running on the network. It all depends on your goals. We can help.

There are few different types of multi-room or zone systems. The first is a single source audio system. In this type of system, music is distributed to speakers throughout the home. Individual rooms or zones each have their own volume controls, but the same music is played on all of the speakers. This type of system might sound a bit limiting, and it is, but if your objective is background music throughout your home, it could be the right system for you.

A multi-source audio system allows each room or zone can have its own source. Somebody could be rocking out to their favorite band in one room, someone in another enjoying a symphony, in yet another area someone could be listening to a ball game.

Let’s add video. Just like with multi-source audio system, each television can have its own source. The sources for the system are usually located in a closet or cabinet and the signals are sent to each zone. These sources can include:

  • Blu-ray DVD player(s)
  • A server with both audio and video content
  • Satellite or cable boxes
  • A piece of equipment that can connect to the internet for accessing streaming web content and browsing.

This can be a stand-alone piece or integrated in another device

With this type of set-up, someone could be watching a Blu-ray movie in the family room, in another room someone could be watching a TV program that was previously recorded on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and in another someone could be catching up on the latest news. Another benefit is that you can start watching a program or movie in one room, pause it, and then finish watching it in another.

With most of your A/V equipment in one location, such as a cabinet, closet or rack, you might want to have a Blu-ray DVD player in a location or two throughout your home for convenience. This way, when you want to enjoy a new DVD or CD in another location of the house, say your upstairs bedroom, you don’t have to make the trek to the basement where all of your primary A/V equipment is housed.

If all of this sounds like a ton of wires, it can be. If you want one of these systems in an existing home, don’t worry, there are several options. In some instances, electrical wiring already installed throughout the home can be piggybacked. In other types of systems, wireless distribution of audio and video may be an option. Often the best option to ensure highest quality is to run a wired network through the home. Our installers are very skilled at retrofitting a home with a wired network.

For all of these set-ups, the right remote control system is very important. You will need to control equipment that is another part of the home. Regular remotes, keypads or touch screens flush mounted in the wall, smart phones and tablets are all options, depending on the type of system.

With a whole house audio-video system you can watch or listen to anything you want, anywhere in your home. Imagine hundreds of movies and shows, thousands of your favorite songs, all stored in a central place. Add to this all the content available online or from cable or satellite. This network can distribute any of these videos or music throughout your house. With the help of our trained installers, you can have the right system for you and your family.