Movie theaters hold a special place in the hearts of many because of the nostalgia we associate with them. We’ve all waited for a much anticipated film to come out in theaters and arrived early, maybe even standing in line to score the perfect seat. You sit down and the first scene began, blowing you away with vibrant picture and sound. The downside? The person sitting next to you texting, the sticky floors, and the crowded theater. Now it’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite movies at home. Recreate the excitement of a live screening, without the inconvenience of lines, previews, or other patrons talking through the best parts.

Here are four ways that smart technology can amplify the way you watch movies at home.

Automatic Lighting

Set the stage for the perfect movie watching experience by having the lights slowly fade to black when you press “play.” You can even choose to keep some functional lights on during the show, such as step lights. They can help your perpetually late friends find their way to their seats, without having to disrupt the whole show for everyone else. When the movie ends, the lights will slowly illuminate the room.

Naturally, you’ll have to go to the bathroom right before a critical scene to the movie’s plot. At a public theater, this would mean stumbling over strangers in the dark and missing 15 minutes of your movie. Your smart home theater, however, responds to interruptions with ease. Build an “intermission” scene into your movie and the lights will automatically guide you (and guests) to the bathroom or kitchen.

Get rained out of your family movie night in the park? Bring the outside in with fiber optic “stars” on the ceiling. They help to create a special space — and recreate the feeling of a drive-in theater. After the movie, you can utilize a “clean-up” setting, which brightens the lights so you can find every popcorn kernel your toddler dropped during “Trolls.”

Thermostat Control

How many jackets do you usually bring to the movies, just to avoid icicles forming on your eyebrows? Well, with your smart home theater, you can save the jackets for winter. You’re in control of the “weather” in here.  Smart home technology allows your home’s systems to “speak” to one another, adjusting the thermostat to your predetermined setting from the moment you press “play.”

Responding to Interruptions

Did you order pizza? Your smart home theater system will notify you when the delivery person arrives, pausing your movie and raising the lights. Best of all, you won’t have to fight with it over the last slice of pepperoni.

You can also monitor what’s going on outside your home. By integrating your surveillance cameras into your smart home theater control system, you can project the view from your front door onto your smartphone. If you’re using the Control4 touch screen, you can also download an app, such as Intercom Anywhere, to talk to guests at your front door — and even unlock the door to let them inside.

All without ever leaving the comfort of your seat.

Control4 Home Theater RemoteOne Remote for Everything

Americans spend an average of 2.5 days in a year looking for lost items, according to a study by Pixie, a smart location solution for iPhones that uses augmented reality to show the location of misplaced objects. Which item gets misplaced most? You guessed it — TV remotes. The same study found that than 71 percent of Americans lose their TV remote at least once a month.

By consolidating your remotes, you’ll have one less control to look for under your couch cushions. Home automation systems, like the Control4, allow you to power all of your audio and video inputs and devices with the single press of a button – from a remote or even your iPad.

If you would like to amplify your home theater and experience the options first-hand, visit one of our showrooms.