For many of us, music is an everyday therapy, but few people have a reliable setup that allows them to enjoy their music outdoors. 

Let’s get ready to go outside, soak in that vitamin D and add a soundtrack to your summer BBQ, gardening session, or afternoon nap in your hammock.  

What Is the Best Outdoor Speaker Solution?

When deciding on your outdoor speaker system, you should consider a few things.  

  1. Weather resistance — Outdoor speakers are similar to their indoor counterparts, but are specifically designed to be resilient to weather. In the Puget Sound area, your speakers will need to withstand rain, ultraviolet rays, and even salt-water air.  
  2. Wired vs. wireless — Hardwired sound will provide you with a more enjoyable and reliable experience. A portable speaker is great for the beach or camping, but most do not project much sound, and we’ve all had the experience of batteries running out. Or worse, it was left outside for days while it rained.  
  3. Speaker placement — Where can speakers be placed? On the back of the house, under the eaves, on a covered deck, throughout your yard? You can find great outdoor speaker options for any of these locations. 
  4. Audibility — What distance does the speaker sound need to travel? Generally speaking, two speakers should cover an outdoor area of approximately 200 to 400 feet. However, every backyard is different and that’s where Definitive comes in – we’ll help you optimize your yard for the best listening experience. 

Speakers for Decks, Patios and Covered Spaces

If you just want a few speakers to project sound near your house or on your deck, an ultra-durable weatherproof option is the Bowers & Wilkins AM-1. Often, outdoors speakers tend to be mounted to the side of the house, above the listener. We like that the AM-1 outdoor speaker can be tilted at an angle to provide a more optimal sound.   

For those who have a covered patio or porch, flush mounted in-ceiling speakers are a great option to project music downward and keep the sound a little more contained. Terra CA Series speakers are handcrafted in Maine and can be installed almost anywhere  – outdoors, on boats, or even in the shower!  

A Backyard Built for Sound

With no walls or ceiling, sound has nothing to reflect off of in an open space. If you want to keep music at reasonable levels, it’s important to distribute speakers evenly throughout your backyard. Sonance’s Sonarray continues to be one of our favorite outdoor speakers for two reasons: 1. They are small and blend in with your landscaping and 2. Sonance is well-known for its speaker technology and sound quality.   


Creating a system of small satellite speakers and subwoofers arranged throughout your yard, facing inward, creates a bubble of sound. This allows you to keep music volumes at a more reasonable level, and for that – your neighbors will thank you!  

With proper planning, there is no limit to great sounding music in an outdoor living area of any size. And, if you integrate outdoor solutions with your whole home audio system, you can transform your outdoor living space into a place to enjoy your full music library. 

We have 40-plus years of experience optimizing music for your space. Stop by our Seattle or Bellevue showroom to find the perfect solution for your home — inside and out. 

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