Imagine getting in your car one day and driving from Seattle to Key West, Florida without a map, a phone, or any prior planning. It may seem easy at first, jump on i90 and start driving… what a spontaneous adventure! Pretty soon, you realize the variety of options – maybe you stay on the interstate, or perhaps you veer off the beaten path. And there will be challenges too. Flat tire? Running low on gas and you’re still 75 miles to the gas station? Bad weather? It’s late you’re tired, and you see the red flashing no vacancy sign. If you only started with a solid plan.

Ok, what does this have to do with your smart home? Designing a fully integrated home automation system without a solid plan can be tricky. But like the road trip, you may take the long, challenging route, spend more money, and endure a process that was more painful and ultimately not the result you were hoping for at the onset.

That’s the cool thing about working with Definitive’s Design & Engineering team. We offer you the roadmap to ensure a less bumpy road ahead. Projects are designed with the appropriate product combinations, consideration of other trades in the home (i.e., heating & cooling), and a full set of engineering documents to show the necessary wiring infrastructure, construction requirements, equipment layouts, and system diagrams to complete the installation of the system in the home as well as facilitate any future upgrades.

Click to take a closer look at this sample home theater:


Meet One of Our Engineers

Ryan Johnson, one of our Systems Engineers and Manager of our Engineering team, has worked on hundreds of residential, marine, and commercial projects during his 13-year tenure.

In an industry under consistent change, Ryan actively seeks out solutions that are real ‘problem solvers’ for our clients. A great example is Crestron’s Video Distribution. “For years, we’ve been chasing the ability to send 4k video to a television 100 feet away. Until now, there has not been a stable solution,” says Ryan. He then shares a real-world example, “In fact, we are working on this home upgrade that was wired 8-years ago with cat5e, which was standard at the time. This product a perfect solution, and they wouldn’t be able to do this without this hardware because of the limitations of the infrastructure of the house.”

Ryan genuinely enjoys being part of the whole planning and design process – discovering the customer’s vision for their project, making sure their expectations can be fully met or refined along the way, and delivering a system that functions simply and robustly. “Our projects deliver the best in technology, provides customers with everyday convenience, and some fun with movie and music systems!”

Ryan’s love of making a plan and creating something functional translates into his hobbies. As an at-home craftsman, he typically builds whatever his wife requests. For his most recent project, a bathroom remodel, he found this beautiful 4-inch slab of maple that he cut to reveal the live edge and fitted as a master bathroom counter with hammered brass sinks.

Ryan’s unique commute requires a car and ferry ride from Sequim, WA to Definitive’s corporate office – about 2.5 hours each way. Definitive supports this by allowing him to work from home two days a week. “I feel fortunate to have a job that I love and a company that supports my desire to live in a small town with my wife and three kids. It’s certainly unique for a company of this size.”

What might surprise you about Ryan?

Ryan’s dad was a Green Berets, and when he got out of the service, he wanted to spend a year living in the wilderness to prepare for a career of writing about, and teaching, outdoor survival skills.  I know, you might be thinking, a ‘comfortable rural cabin with daily exploration.’ Nope. This was in the real wilderness – a cave in the Slickrock desert! His dad and mom set off with the clothes on their back, two wool blankets, two knives and some basic food. Oh, and remarkably, a 3-year old and 1-year old! They lived in the elements for a year, experiencing the ultimate in proper planning and survival skills. and survival skills.

And the biggest surprise of all?

“We are expecting our 4th child in September!” Ryan laughs, “I guess no one at work knows that yet. We’ll see how many of you are reading this.”

Congratulations to Ryan and his wife Shaena! 🙂