Speakers today aren’t judged solely on their sound, but also on their design and portability, too. Gone are the days when high quality sound could only come from a large speaker box that is confined to a location near a stack of components.

Bowers & Wilkins released its latest innovation in multi-room audio systems — the Formation Suite this April. The company has taken the superior sound quality it’s been known for since 1966 and coupled it with a wireless listening experience.

The Foundation Suite Consists of Five Products:

  • Formation Duo –The first wireless stereo speakers that live up to Bowers & Wilkins’ “wired” audiophile standards.

  • Formation Wedge —A wireless speaker system that is uniquely shaped and angled to fill a room with stereo sound.

  • Formation Audio —A wireless audio connector that can transform your passive, wired system into a multi-room, high-fidelity wireless system.

  • Formation Bar —A high performance soundbar that delivers high audio quality for an immersive home theater experience.

  • Formation Bass —A wireless, dual driver subwoofer that seamlessly pairs with all speakers in the Formation Suite.

These products can either be purchased individually or work together for a complete, multi-room audio system. If you currently own a pair of wired speakers, the Formation Audio can integrate with your systemallowing you to stream content in 96/24-bit resolution. If you then decide to add Formation speakers to another room in your home, the Formation Audio will enable you to stream existing components (like a CD Player or turntable) to your Formation speakers.

If  you are looking to upgrade your TV sound, Formation Bar and Formation Bass offer an immersive sound experience great for any family room, bedroom or media room.

Not sure what to upgrade first? In our experience, a speaker upgrade offers the greatest return. The interaction between your listening room and speakers is what creates the liveliest music or movie experience.

Wireless Hi-Fi Sound

The wireless wave has transformed audio speakers into a $10 billion juggernaut, according to CNBC. The benefits are clear — easier set up and the flexibility to make changes later.

As homeowners increasingly invest in wireless audio, the industry continues to grow, becoming more saturated with competitors. For Bowers & Wilkins, that means each new speaker it introduces into the market will need to raise the bar from speakers that came before it.

Performance and craftmanship have always been key differentiators for the brand — from its 801 speakers in 1979 that delivered unheard of realism to the 600 series in 1991 that made hi-fi accessible to a wider audience. The company rose to the occasion once again with this latest innovation, delivering wireless speakers that live up to Bowers & Wilkins’ exact “wired” audiophile standards. Bowers & Wilkins was able to achieve a “wired” level of clarity, in part, due to seamless speaker synchronization. The in-room and multi-room sync was incredibly important to Bowers & Wilkins engineers when developing Formation because the human ear and brain can hear small variations in time. Formation offers an imperceptible in-room 1 microsecond sync between speakers; for room-to-room the sync is one millisecond. This measurement goes beyond what the human hear needs resulting in clean, precise audio.

Pairing exclusive Formation Wireless Technology with innovations found in their flagship passive speakers like the Continuum Cone and Carbon Dome Tweeter, the Formation Duo offers immersive and seamless high-resolution sound. That means you can wirelessly listen to your favorite Jimi Hendrix songs in high-fidelity — or feel like your media room has become the battle ground for “Avengers: Infinity War.” (Read: the holidays came early this year.)

Seamless Streaming

Streaming services have been a big catalyst for wireless home audio systems. Many speakers are now being designed with streaming in mind — like the Formation Duo, Formation Bar and Formation Wedge. Each was built to work seamlessly with your preferred streaming audio service, integrating technologies like  Apple Airplay, Bluetooth, Spotify, and Roon. In just a few minutes, you can use the Bowers & Wilkins app to setup Formation products and begin your listening experience. Then, you can control the audio playback, move sound from room to room and customize the configuration of each space with ease.

Masterful design

Design has always been an integral part of Bowers & Wilkins’ products, but never at the sacrifice of performance. Form has always followed function. Bowers & Wilkins has invested extensively in research over the years, opening the doors to its Steyning Research Establishment in 1981. The world-famous research and development center recently moved to West Sussex town of Southwater, U.K., and was renamed Southwater Research & Engineering. It remains a place where scientists and engineers push speaker design to the limit.

The Formation Wedge is a great example of how their research brings out the best in design and technology. It features a unique 120-degree elliptical shape allowing calculated placement and angles for a full range of high frequency, midrange and subwoofer components. This means sound reaches every part of a room.As its name implies, the Formation Wedge fits perfectly in the corner of a bookshelf or entertainment center. It’s living proof that design and performance are not mutually exclusive. They can coexist.

Experience the Formation Suite

Bowers & Wilkins was one of the first brands ever sold at Definitive. Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of watching the brand evolve, while still maintaining its signature craftsmanship.

“As their understanding of materials, science, and manufacturing capabilities have matured, today’s products have far fewer limitations, Bowers & Wilkins has expanded beyond floor-standing and book-shelf speakers to include in-wall, in-ceiling, theater, and outdoor categories. Each benefit from the research and development gained from decades of building the world’s finest speakers.”

~ Craig Abplanalp, President at Definitive

The best way to experience the world’s finest speakers? First-hand. Visit one of our showroomsto enjoy the high-fidelity sound of the Formation Suite, wirelessly. It will redefine the way you listen to your favorites songs and movies.

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