Scot’s day starts at Definitive just before 7 a.m. He checks the schedule to see which custom projects are listed and begins to pull all the products needed for the installation teams that day. After the teams head out, Scot is quietly tucked away at his corner desk, completing data entry and paperwork. Scot is light-hearted and when asked if he likes that aspect of his job, Scot simply laughs and says, “I don’t mind it at all; I like spreadsheets.”

The first deliveries arrive around 10 a.m. As they roll in, Scot helps unload, unpack and add barcodes to each product. Every Definitive order comes through the warehouse. It’s up to Scot to account for each product and get it to the right showroom, customer, or department on time.

“With product coming in from 50-plus vendors for custom installations and our three retail locations, Scot’s role as warehouse manager is pretty integral to our business,” says Mark Ormiston, CEO. “He keeps the trains running on time here at Definitive.”

Scot has been with Definitive for 14 years. When asked why he continues to work for Definitive, he says, “I get to work with every department on a day-to-day basis. The diversity of work and the ability to help each other as a team is what moves projects forward. It’s like a big family here and I like the atmosphere — it’s fun.”

Scot enjoys the intricate nature of Definitive’s work, but doesn’t consider himself a tech geek. He lives in a 1941 house and plans on future upgrades, such as a home theater. For now, he is happy enjoying music on his whole house Sonos system.

What’s one thing you might be surprised to know about Scot? No, it’s not that he’s a massive Seahawks fan — you’d know that just by visiting his desk. He‘s actually an incredible typist. Maybe that’s why he’s completes his Excel data entry in record time.

We’d like to thank Scot for everything he does to make our jobs run smoother here at Definitive!