Room 1: ClearAudio, D’Agostino, dCS and Wilson Audio

Turntable – Clear Audio Master Innovation
Cartridge – Clear Audio Goldfinger Statement
Phono pre-amp –D’Agostino Phono
Digital playback – dCS Vivaldi (transport, upsampler, DAC, clock)
Line stage – D’Agostino Momentum
Amplifiers – D’Agostino Momentum M400 bridged quartet
Speakers – Wilson Audio Alexx
Cables – Transparent Opus (including Opus power isolators)
Equipment rack – HRS MRX (w/r3X, S3X,M3X platforms, Nimbus coupler, damping plates)

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

Johnny Hartman, I Could Write a Book (Side 2, track 4)
“Once in Every Life” Bee Hive Jazz Records BH 7012

Original pressing 1981
Format: 12”, 33.3 RPM
Condition: Used
Source: Gift from friend
Note: Re-released in 2016 on 200 gram vinyl by Analogue Productions AAPJ 105 and pressed at QRP

Rickie Lee Jones, Under The Boardwalk (Side 2, track 1)
“Girl at Her Volcano” Warner Bros. 23805-1 B

Orignal pressing: 1983
Format: 10”, 33.3 RPM
Condition: Used
Source: Amoebe Records, San Francisco $5.00

Count Basie and His Orchestra, Molten Swing (Side 1, track 2)
“Me and You” Pablo 2310-891

Orignal pressing: 1983
Format: 12”, 33.3 RPM
Condition: Used
Source: Sonic Boom, Seattle $2.99

Michael Jackson, Thriller (Side 1, track 1)
“Thriller EP” Epic Portugal A12.3643

Orignal pressing: 1983
Format: 12”, 45 RPM “Maxi Single”
Condition: Used
Source: Comic Book store, Porto, Portugal €5.00 (marked down from €7.00!)

Daft Punk, Giorgio By Moroder (Side 1, track 3)
“Random Access Memories” Columbia 88883716861

Orignal pressing: 2013
Format: 12”, 33 RPM Double LP
Condition: New
Source: Amazon $28.99 (also available at Target)

Histoire Du Soldat Suite: I. Marche Du Soldat
Bremen German Chamber
Philharmonic Orchestra

Royals, Lorde, Pure Heroine

Celestial Echo, Malia & Boris Blank

Variations In E-Flat Major, Op. 44, Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio

Mercy Street, Peter Gabriel

Room 2: Audioquest, Bowers & Wilkins, Classé

Pre-ampClassé Delta series, prototype (using onboard DAC w/ laptop)
Amplifier – Classé Delta series stereo amp, prototype
CablesAudioquest Fire interconnect, Redwood speaker cable, Niagara5000, Hurricane power cord (pre-production model), NRG Wild
Equipment rackQuadraspire SVT

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

I Was Made For Loving You, Maria Mena – Cause and Effect

If it Haden’t Been For Love, Adele, Live at the Royal Albert Hall

If It Hadn’t Been For Love, The Steeldrivers

Everything Is Free, Gillian Welch – Time (The Revelator)

i. Adagio – Allegro molto – Sir Colin Davis / London Symphony Orchestra – Dvořák: Symphony No.9

Seeya (Featuring Colleen D’Agostino), Colleen D’Agostino – White (1<2) [Disk 2]

Room 3: AMG, Audio Research, Focal, HRS, Transparent, Stereophile

Turntable – AMG Viella w/ 12JT Turbo tone arm
Cartridge – Benz LP-S
Phono pre-amp – Audio Research PH9
Streamer – dCS Network Bridge
DAC – Audio Research DAC9
Line stage – Audio Research LS28
Amplifier – Audio Research VT80
Speakers – Focal Sopra No.3
Cables – Transparent Audio Ultra, with Reference Power cable and PIR power isolator
Equipment rack – HRS RXR w/ Nimbus couplers

Read Stereophile’s Review: By the end of the evening, it was clear why Music Matters has earned a reputation as the top retailer-sponsored audio event in the USA.

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

Ibrahim maalouf : Red & Black Light – (Red & Black Light)

Emmanuel Santaromana: metropolitain – (Opera)

Mood Indigo, Nina Simone, from Little Girl Blue

Relaxing at Camarillo, Tommy Flanagan’s Trio on two reissues of “Overseas” originally on Prestige released in 1957

The Carrying of the Cross, by Rachel Podger, Violin
Heinrich Ingnaz Franz vov Biber, Rosary Sonatas

Vieques, Arturo O’Farrill, Live in Brooklyn

Room 4: GoldenEar, McIntosh & Sony

Projector – Sony VPLVW5000ES
Screen – Stewart Filmscreen
Blu-ray playerMcIntosh MVP901
Pre-amp – McIntosh MX122
Amplifiers – McIntosh MC601 (front channels), McIntosh MC207 (surrounds)
SpeakersGoldenEar Triton 1 (front), Super Center XXL, Aon 2 (surrounds)
Subwoofers – GoldenEar Super Sub XXL (x2)

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

Roy Orbison, Running Scared (Video)

Enrique Glacias, Bailando (Video)

Marcus Miller, Panther (Video)

Dean Martin, Fools Rush In (Audio Only)

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tin Pan Alley (Audio Only)

War, The Cisco Kid (Audio Only)

Room 5: Linn

Turntable – Linn Klimax LP12
Streamer/ pre-amp – Linn Klimax DSM (Katalyst)
Amplifiers – Linn Klimax Solo (x2)
Speakers – Linn Akurate Akubarik
Cables – Transparent Reference
Equipment rack – Finite Elemente Pagoda Master Reference

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

Chopin: Piano Concertos, Ingrid Fliter & Scottish Chamber Orchestra (Buy)

Gilbert & Sullivan: HMS Pinafore, Scottish Opera (buy)

I Want You Back, Lake Street Dive

Room 6: EAT, Focal & Naim

Turntable – European Audio Team B-sharp
Phono pre-amp – Naim Stage Line w/Super Cap
Streamer/integrated amp – Naim Uniti Nova
Speakers – Focal Sopra No.1
Cables – Naim Super Lumina
Equipment rack – Quadraspire SVT

If you enjoyed the music in this room, here is the playlist:

Melanie de Biasio – With All My Love 

Hanne Boel – After Midnight

Yes – Roundabout

Dominic Miller – La Belle Dame Sans regrets

Felix Laband – Red Handed

Felix Laband – Black Shoes

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