As another Music Matters event with Definitive Audio approaches, I look back on an amazing partnership and the many extraordinary people who have made this collaboration so rewarding.

Definitive and Transparent began working together to make the finest music and cinema systems in the Greater Seattle Area in 1993 and since that time we have forged deep and lasting connections with the teams in Seattle, Bellevue and the Custom Design Group along with respect and admiration for the brilliant leadership of this world class organization. The commitment to excellence and performance has been unwavering during these many years with each side stepping up and pushing the envelope to deliver more cutting edge entertainment systems to the discerning customers who have to come to expect nothing short of the best.

Technology has marched on and systems have evolved and changed in ways we could only imagine back in the early 90’s, yet with each passing season, when Definitive looked for how to piece this ever-changing puzzle together, they relied on their friends and colleagues in Maine to deliver not just any solution, but the best solutions.

This year’s Music Matters systems are examples of how well this collaboration works with the teams from Definitive and Transparent working to bring you four extraordinary systems that feature the kind of unique, custom designed, high-performance solutions we have been creating together for more than two decades. From our magnificent Opus system, including a full suite of the world’s best sounding power products, to a state of the art cinema highlighting our custom installed cable products, cutting edge vacuum tube designs connected with our Ultra family of cables and the latest in the world of streaming audio based systems showcasing the new High Performance Ethernet cable and system matched Reference line up, each of these experiences will showcase Transparent and Definitive’s mastery of design.

Perfecting the connections in every aspect of a great entertainment system is our life’s work here at Transparent. From our original designs to the latest Generation 5 breakthroughs, Definitive has relied on Transparent for their cable and power needs and our industry leading upgrade program insures that as systems grow and evolve your connectivity can too.

I often feel very lucky to be doing what I love and working with some terrific people at the same time. As someone who has been part of both the Definitive and Transparent organizations, I have a unique perspective on how deep this partnership runs, and the many connections that have been made along the way.

In an audio system we have learned that every connection matters. The funny thing is that in life, it turns out, the very same thing is true. We treasure our connections with our friends and colleagues in the Northwest and look forward to many more years of sharing this journey.

See you next week at Music Matters!

Bob McConnell
Director of Business Development
Transparent Audio