“I have basically one goal, and that is a facsimile reproduction of the emotionally charged sound I hear in real, acoustical music.” —Dave Wilson.

Dave has long felt that there is no better laboratory for understanding the sound of acoustical music than the great concert halls of Europe and the United States.  Dave, Sheryl Lee, and in recent years, Daryl Wilson visit these halls on an annual basis.  Over the years, the Wilsons have cultivated special relationships with the principals of many of the great halls, which has enabled them to gain access to these spaces during times when the public is not present, such as during rehearsals.  As a result, Dave and Daryl are able to move about the concert-hall space as the orchestra plays, taking measurements and listening—research-driven activities that would not be possible during an actual public performance.

For the Wilsons, visits to the world’s best concert halls, such as the Musikverein in Vienna, take on the gravitas of a pilgrimage.  The understanding and profound insights gained from these listening sessions form the primary foundation upon which design direction is established for all new Wilson loudspeakers.  Each new Wilson model has an explicit relationship to these sanctuaries of music; its own distinguishing provenance inextricably tied to the sounds of music heard in the world’s great music halls.

And so it was with the all-new Wilson Audio Alexx. But the development of the Alexx is unique in other ways as well.  By virtue of its unusual place in time, Alexx directly benefited from technology developed in conjunction with Wilson’s upcoming cutting-edge flagship, the new WAMM, with which it was co-developed.  Its woofers are identical to the bass drivers custom developed for the WAMM project.  Alexx’s two-way midrange topology shares its origins to a similar topology developed for the WAMM.  The mechanical relationship between Alexx’s lower midrange and tweeter modules is derived from the WAMM, and is, in turn, akin to a geometric strategy first introduced in the Alexia.  So, while Alexx is ostensibly a replacement for the MAXX Series-3 that precedes it, it has far more in common with the groundbreaking WAMM.

It’s not a mystery, then, why Wilson has been a part of Definitive’s Music Matters event since its inception.  Or why we chose to debut what is perhaps the most significant speaker to date of the 21st century at this event.  It is precisely because, for Wilson Audio, when it comes to designing and building great loudspeakers, music is all that matters.

We hope to see you tomorrow in Seattle!

John Portrait-300px
John Giolas
Director of Marketing
Wilson Audio Specialties