People often confuse price with value.

Whilst many people don’t complain about spending $1,000 on the latest fashion or consumer tech that will wear out or be obsolete in just a few years, the same people may baulk at spending $10,000 on a hi-fi component that will last twenty.

Hi-fi offers better value in two ways. Firstly, its price per year of ownership is lower. Secondly, it brings true pleasure into your life by connecting you more closely with music.

At Linn, we strive to increase customer value even further by future-proofing our products, extending their lifetime by as much as we possibly can.

The Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, which my father Ivor Tiefenbrun launched in 1973, is still on sale today thanks to its unique, modular, upgradeable design. As good as the LP12 was in ’73, Ivor recognized that there was yet more information in the groove of the record to capture. The modular design allowed the product and its owners to benefit from improvements in technology in the decades that followed.

In 2007, we launched the Linn Klimax DS, the first network music player capable of playing 24-bit Studio Master downloads. Priced at $18,500, future-proofing the purchase for our customers was vital, given an exciting but uncertain digital world.

In 2007, who knew that the iPad would become the most popular way to control the Klimax DS? Or that high resolution streaming services would become a must-have for Klimax DS owners? Or that processing advances would allow the Klimax DS to optimize its performance based on room acoustics?

Nobody did. And that’s the point of future-proofing.

Whereas a CD player was always a CD player, the Klimax DS has evolved and developed, remaining at the cutting edge of music technology.

Back in 2007, there was no way of knowing the level of performance the Klimax DS would reach in 2017. But by making the product modular and upgradeable, we ensured that your $18,500 would provide value over the long-term.

Please join me at Music Matters 12 on March 9th, where I’ll be demonstrating the latest upgrade to the Klimax DS, an all-new DAC architecture called Katalyst. It’s our best yet, promising new insight into your music.


Gilad Tiefenburn
Managing Director
Linn Products, Ltd.