We are extremely pleased to present our new Bowers & Wilkins DB Series subwoofer range at Music Matters this year.  There are three models involved (DB1D $4500, DB2D $3500 and DB3D $2500), and all feature technology transferred from our 800D3 series, and then some.  While you might think that a range of subwoofers is best shown in the context of home theater, the truth is accurate, deep and tuneful bass is especially important to music reproduction, and in ways that may surprise you.  Deep bass defines space in a live music recording.  Even in the absence of other sound, if you walked blindfolded into a large hall it’s size would be evident from the sonic signature.  Anyone can easily hear the difference between a small room and an auditorium.  That’s in large part because large spaces absorb less bass energy than smaller spaces (air is a poor absorber of sound, and the necessarily solid construction of large halls means those walls also absorb less bass than most smaller rooms).   That bass energy is picked up by the full range microphones, but often lost at the playback loudspeaker.  Return it to the music with a good subwoofer – and good in this case is defined as one that goes deep enough to capture the hall acoustic, often below 20Hz, but is fast enough to not blur upper bass harmonics – and even “simple” music comes alive because it is more clearly presented in the original space.

Bass, of course, is also a prominent feature in non-acoustic music. It provides the rhythmic drive to get your feet moving with virtually every form of music, rap, jazz, rock, country you name it.  Although most popular music doesn’t really go that deep, it does contain a lot of energy and we want that not to overhang and distort everything above bass frequencies.  We’ve all heard “boomy” bass, and that’s not very pleasant!  The DB Series can provide massive energy when it’s called for, but stay quiet and out of the way when it isn’t.  That’s “tuneful” to me.

Of course, deep bass is often a prominent feature of movie soundtracks and provides visceral impact that helps suspend disbelief and put you in the action.  We won’t be playing movies at Music Matters, but rest assured these new DB Series subwoofers do that exceptionally well, also.  In fact, a simple set-up App (for iOS and Android devices) lets you dial these subs in perfectly and also store user presents.  You can have your cake and eat it, too! 

I look forward to seeing you at Music Matters! (Don’t forget to register!)

Doug Henderson
B&W Group North America
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