McIntosh is thrilled to be taking part in the Music Matters event at Definitive Audio for the first time this year. The Seattle area is extremely fortunate to have a dealer like Definitive who puts so much dedication into choosing the best quality entertainment products and impeccably displaying them in their impressive facilities. The Definitive Music Matters event is arguably the most professionally run event of its kind, anywhere in the country.

Music has been an important part of my life since I was about 12 years old. Songs that I am familiar with will often bring back memories from the time when the song first impacted my life. Through the years new songs and new artists have filled in the timeline and built exciting links to the past. McIntosh is also a significant part of my past musical experience. I heard my first McIntosh system in 1977 and it forever changed my life as from then on I was on a quest to have a music system that could bring me the listening pleasure that I experienced when I was listening to my favorite music on a McIntosh. I’m pleased to say that I have finally achieved that goal and I still get excited when I get to spend time listening to music on my McIntosh system. And the music that I am discovering today will weave into the tapestry of the music that has defined my life.

McIntosh has become the global leader in prestige home entertainment and ultimate-quality audio components. We are fiercely proud of our American heritage and made-in-America status and virtually all McIntosh components are still made in the USA. McIntosh products reflect an unmatched level of performance, superlative engineering and craftsmanship. Our products have been the choice of generations of musicians, recording artists and producers, no doubt as a result of the impeccable musical performance of a McIntosh system.

I sincerely hope that you will enjoy listening to the McIntosh system at Music Matters and that I will leave a musical memory for you to reflect upon in the future.

Happy listening!

Mark LeClairMark LeClair
Regional Sales Manager
McIntosh Labs