At Definitive, our approach is different than most hi-fi shops or systems integrators. We don’t think of service as transactional, but as an opportunity to build life-long relationships with our customers. We take pride in restoring our customer’s hi-fi products, because we believe your investment in quality equipment should last.

What makes this possible? It’s really the dedication of employees like Danny. Before joining Definitive as our in-house technician in 2007, he worked at Pioneer as a highly skilled Sr. Technician and Repair Center Manager. Danny works in our corporate location and enjoys the ability to work independently at his repair bench. If you ask any of his co-workers about Danny, they use words such as “good-natured” and many share the love his “infectious laugh”.

“Danny is meticulous and always takes the extra time to research new methods. He takes pride in his work and searches for the best quality repair parts. I feel lucky to have him on our team.” Mark Ormiston, CEO.

Danny with his daughter, Harper.

Fun Facts

  1. What do you enjoy about Definitive?
    I really enjoy my co-workers. They are wonderful and talented people who care about the company.
  2. What is your favorite thing about this industry?
    The industry is always evolving, making my work both challenging and rewarding. There is always an opportunity to learn new tech, everything from hardware to software.  When I restore or fix a piece of equipment – it’s very satisfying.
  3. Do you listen to vinyl or digital music?
    I listen to both. When I am at home I like to sit down and relax with Vinyl. At work, digital music is much more convenient.
  4. What products do you think are super cool?
    CD Players or Blu-ray players. Basically, anything that uses laser technology. I think the classic juke box with robotic arm mechanism for selecting the disc is really cool!
  5. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
    If I were not an electronics engineering technician, I might be a chef by now or a priest/Chaplin.

We are quite confident Danny would be an amazing chef or Chaplin, but we are pretty thankful he chose to be an electronics technician at Definitive! Happy 10th anniversary from all of us!