Today, music is everywhere. At work, in the car, while you shop. With so much music at your fingertips, it’s natural to want to spend more time surrounded by your favorite tunes. If you want to step-up your listening experience and hear details like never before – create a music listening room in your home.

Traditionally, a listening room is dedicated to one activity – focused listening that is free of distractions. A high-end listening room design would typically include the perfect room dimension ratio, acoustic treatments, and carefully calibrated 2-channel speaker systems.

It’s true. An acoustically perfect space brings out the most in your music. But, if you don’t have the perfect space or budget, don’t let that stop you from enjoying high-fidelity music daily in your home.

What is the best place in my home to listen to music?

The answer to this question is quite simple. The perfect room to enjoy music at home is a space that you enjoy being in. Some people prefer a be a dedicated listening room, but we encourage you to think about other spaces in your home. What about spaces that aren’t used as much, maybe a guest room? Or, incorporate your 2-channel audio system into your main living space for the whole family to enjoy.

“The room and sound system you choose is the most critical aspect of creating great sound in your home. Many of the very best systems I’ve experienced throughout my career were setup in an everyday family room or living room environment. These rooms typically have a mixture of hard and soft materials and when you have someone with the expertise to properly setup your audio system — these spaces can provide homeowners with an incredible listening room. The most challenging rooms are ones that are excessively live, consisting primarily of hard reflective surfaces for the sound to bounce off of. As a general rule of thumb, if your room is comfortable to speak in it will typically make a great music listening room.” – Craig Abplanalp, Definitive.

Your space may provide its own set of challenges, but there are ways to overcome them. Here are just a few ways:

  • Add acoustic treatments, there are several attractive options available.
  • Equipment carefully selected based on the size of the listening space.
  • Ideal speaker positioning and properly calibrated equipment.

We worked with a local customer who had their own space limitation. After considering the options, they decided to place their Wilson Audio 2-channel speakers in one of the most active rooms in their home.  Ashraf reflects on their decision, “This is our living space, this is where we are at. The kids don’t go to a playroom. Mohammad doesn’t go to a man cave. We are all together as a family. In our living space.”

And, there are benefits to designing a 2-channel listening space in one of the busiest spaces in the home. The whole family begins to enjoy music regularly. Mohammad is still able to enjoy a meaningful listening experience after a long day at work and his kids can also use the living room carpet as their own personal dance floor after dinner.

Mohammed tells us about the first few weeks with his Wilson Audio Speakers. “What was interesting, as those speakers came home, we started to play music on them every single day.  The dynamic in the house changed. All of a sudden I’d come home from work and the stereo would be on. My wife would be listening to music. My kids would be listening to music”.

Mohammed’s whole story, watch this video: An Audiophiles Journey

Whether you are an all-around music lover or a die-hard audiophile, our team of experts can help you create a special place to enjoy music from your favorite artists.