We always keep the lines open for feedback from our customers. Scott from our Seattle Showroom received this enthusiastic email today— thanks Mike, we’re thrilled that you love your new speakers!

Scott – the new speakers are absolutely stunning…  I’ve spent the weekend bouncing around from source to source like a maniac!  The clarity and absolute realism are astounding.  It’s simply beyond expectation!  Even cable TV shows have more to offer – the music and sound effects on well produced shows are just too cool… These speakers make mechanical sounds seem more metallic, animal sounds have a wilder edge, and even water sounds are inexplicably wetter..!   Yes – I know that sounds nuts… but its true!

I stumbled onto a showing of the latest Bond movie yesterday, and simply couldn’t turn away… every time those awesome horns kicked in with the theme music (during big action sequences) I was just taken by the presence – its really a whole new level of audio reproduction… thanks for the recommendations / encouragement and patience through this latest speaker upgrade with Definitive… the results are stunning…  Mike